Simone Thiel

Simone Thiel

At the Visual Art School Basel I studied painting and printmaking, with a focus on painting. My artistic career started in 1984 with the preliminary course A in Basel. After that I worked as a 3D poly designer before I ventured into painting.

Since 2020 my works have been of an abstract nature. In my artistic work I am interested in the encounter of forces and their mutual influence. In my series of works “Presence” I seek the dialogue between levels and forms. I am interested in how different image levels relate to each other and how they work.
The works are created by superimposing painterly interventions.
The areas are set in such a way that they have an exciting relationship to one another. They communicate with each other and with the semi-hidden forms, surfaces, lines and colors below.

This dialogue is very important to me, it reflects the creation process and the basis from which all the impulses for the painterly interventions arose.

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