Our limited works of art are created with attention to detail. 
LOVE - ART - LIFE & STYLE in a small edition - Positive vibes only, aloha or hakuna matata for your oasis. =) A good feeling, joy and just what it takes for you lazy sunday Home.a exclusive and selected circle of friends of artists constantly creates new works for you that reflect this positive philosophy of lazy sunday embody and pimp your home.

Our works of art are produced in Switzerland for Switzerland. Wherever possible, our art is produced and delivered worldwide with local producers. THINK GLOBAL - PRODUCE LOCAL
Each of our works of art is limited to 50 pieces per image and was created with great attention to detail. You will receive a after purchase digital certificate (QR code) sent by email, which primarily certifies the number of the edition. Your name, order date, price and which number of the limited edition you bought are integrated in the QR code. 

QR code example

On this Google Maps map you can see where in the world the remaining 49 pictures of your work of art hang.